The Boy Who Wouldn’t Stop Studying
July 23, 2020
The Boy Who Wouldn’t Stop Being Observant
July 23, 2020

The Boy who Wouldnt Stop Helping his Brother

The Boy wouldn’t leave his younger brother’s side,
He thought as he was older, he should be Hughs’s guide.
Peering over his shoulder whispering the answer,
To a mathematical problem, on that subject, he was the master.

Many times his granny asked him to stop.
But he simply would not.
She told him to leave his brother alone.
He just let out a moan, giving Holly the dog a bone.

But he still, insisted on returning.
What could she do, to stop him interfearing?
The Boy must stop giving the answers away.
In the end, Granny’s strained patience gave way.
” No more presents for you, my lad, unless you promise to stay away.”

The Boy suddenly realised he must be gone!
Now aware helping was wrong.
At last, he left his brother Hugh alone.
Hugh did well, in exams end of year.
Actually, got top marks, it would appear.