The Boy Who Wouldn’t Sit Still.
July 23, 2020
The Boy who Wouldnt Stop Helping his Brother
July 23, 2020

The Boy Who Wouldn’t Stop Studying

The Boy would not stop studying.
So immersed was he in his books,
He neglected to wash, and take care of his looks.

He became, very pale and thin
As often his food, he threw in the bin.
Or gave it to his dog called Holly,
Or to the cat called Molly.
Having no time to eat, at all
Becaming weak, he was careful not to fall.

One Friday afternoon,The Boy decided he’d disappeare
On Monday morning he’d reappear.
No one would know, he was in school for two days,
He would read every book, that took his gaze.

His parents, were beside themselves, with worry,
They had searched everywhere, in a great hurry.
The police had been called, an officer recalled
Of another boy gone missing before,
Was found , under a pile of books, on the school floor.

Sure enough, there was their boy,
Surrounded by books and papers galore.
The Boy was surprised, at their tears of joy,
And promised never again, to secretly stay away.

Granny gave The Boy, a handy computer.
Everything known was stored in it’s interior.
Now the Boy studies hard, in the fresh air.
His appetite improved, he’s now as strong as a bear.