The Boy who Wouldnt Stop Helping his Brother
July 23, 2020
July 23, 2020

The Boy Who Wouldn’t Stop Being Observant

“Granny, your teeth are so yellow!”
The Boy loudly bellowed.

“You must get help, to remove the grimy spots,
I know the dentist, will help you lots.”
Off they went in great hast
The boy helping Granny, the dentist to face.

The dentist took a long time looking,
Then told them both, the teeth had to go.
Leaving Grannie’s gums only, on show!

The Boy was aghast and very sad,
Until he heard the dentist laugh.
“No, they just need a little clean,
The dingy colour will be, as though never been.”

Half an hour later, with shiny white teeth,
They were both still laughing, in sheer relief.