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March 20, 2019
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April 9, 2019

The Boy Who Wouldn’t

Have you seen, the Boy , who wouldn’t?
The Boy Who Wouldn’t, the Boy Who Wouldn’
We want to see, the Boy who wouldn’t
We’re told he lives, near here.

Are you sure he isn’t you?

He wears orange braces and a white shirt too
A white shirt too a white shirt too
They tell me, he looks a lot like you
A lot like you, a lot like you

Are you sure, he isn’t you?

He wouldn’t stop smiling crying or swimming
He refused to go to school, and blow his nose too
The Boy likes to talk and find new things to do
He’s kind and brave, and thoughtful too,

Are you sure, The Boy, isn’t you?

The Boy loves to paint, mend things and build.
Play with his planes and Lego, do
Ride his scooter and his toy motor too.
With his toys, the charity sack fills.

Are you sure, The Boy isn’t you?

The Boy has a granny, sister, and brother.
He loves singing dancing and playing chess too.
Giving and helping, funny and sunny.
The Boy can’t be anyone other, than you.