The Boy Who Wouldn’t
March 21, 2019
The Great Escape
April 10, 2019

Badwitch Arrives!

The blackbird, flapping his wings sweeps up to the top of the tree.
In his beak a letter from Badwitch, held most carefully.
“Oh dear ” said Magda my sister is coming to stay with me!”

She arrived on her broomstick, sure enough,
With another, piled full of cases she’d stuffed.
“How long are you staying ?” Asked Magda nervously.
“I am here to stay with you, permanently.” Replied Badwitch.

When the little people heard of Badwitch’s arrival,
Some locked their doors, others their shutters;
So fearful of the witch, they all ran for cover;
The little ones called out, for their mothers.

“I’m taking charge of your medicine making
I have some herbs that will improve your brew”
Screeched Badwitch as she shook them in.
“Disgusting ” said Magda, throwing the mix in the bin.

“I’m going to see what I can do, in the kitchens with the gnomes.”
“Please don’t go ” begged Magda ” gnomes like to do their work alone.”

Badwitch went from bad to worse
As she made her way from kitchen to kitchen,
Stopping the fun, making everyone silent and glum.

“We must have a meeting, this behaviour we must think of ending”
Cried Magda the good witch, at the end of her tether.
Faith the fairy, Walter the wizard and Magda sat down together
Confronting Badwitch who wasn’t bothered.

“We will give you one more chance,
Your behaviour you must enhance.”
They told her.

The next day a big box arrived, a present for the elves.
“Should be something very good, we’ll let the children have a look.” smiled Effie.

The children opened the lid,
Out from the box a slimy goblin slid.
The children, ran away and hid

“Something must now be done
You are spoiling everyone’s fun.”
Exclaimed Magda.

She made a spell stirring her broth.
“Bubble bubble toil and trouble,
Stop my sister on the double;”
Magda threw in this, and threw in that
The fur stood up on her black cat’s back.

Badwitch stood at the door;
“Do your worst sister dear,
I have nothing from you to fear.”
And those were the last words, she ever said.
As Badwitch, had turned, into a grey lump of led.