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March 20, 2019
The Boy Who Wouldn’t
March 21, 2019

Walter the Wizard in Winter Tales

It’s winter in the Magic Kingdom,
Mother Nature, has thrown a soft snow duvet,
Smothering colour and sound, only pure white, is around.

There is silence a stillness in the crisp cold air,
All are asleep in their beds cosy and warm
Today is the day Walter the Wizard returns home, true to form.

Now, gentle bells from the Chapel can be heard
And the magic kingdom awakes from slumber deep.
Friends make their way to the Wizard’s home, their appointment to keep.

But no soft deep song from Walter that is usually heard,
Only soft padding of Zach’s paws on the floor.
As he sadly opens the door.

“Walter is missing, he is not yet here
I’m worried he may have fallen, that’s my fear.”
Exclaimed the dalmatian near to tears.

“Cheer up we will form a search party and find our wizard
On his return home he must have got caught in the snow blizzard.
He works so hard, he got too tired and maybe is sleeping with the lizard.

Look for a lump like a snow covered stone
As we make our way to the lizards home
Her house is in a wall at the edge of the forest.”

(said Stirlock the Gnome)

In the forrest deep, is where the wizard never sleeps,
Making toys for boys and girls with the help of elves.
You can see masses of toys heaped on shelves.

When the Wizard is tired things can go wrong,
On opening presents on Christmas Day pieces are there, that do not belong.
Or batteries that should be there, are gone.
Sometimes to open presents the packaging is too strong.

But, most of the time things as we know, are fine.
Walter the wizard does a good job.
The Elves with their humour keep his enthusiasm in line
They have worked together from the beginning of time.

The work shop is hidden, from everyone’s eyes,
Only known to Father Christmas and a few other guys
Christmas gifts, they with ribbons tie.

All heard at once, the voice of the wizard’ in song
“Yes he’s here, we’ll see him at last
Let’s run to the lizards home very fast.
( said Stirlock the gnome)

And there he was sitting crossed kneed
Singing, and sipping his steaming tea.
Whilst the lizard listens in his company.