Husband Returning Home From Office. A Song
March 19, 2019
Walter the Wizard in Winter Tales
March 20, 2019

The Girl

Draped in black, from head to toe,
What made her turn and go?
Drawn to an evil sect, across the sea,
Her radicalised, eyes,
To blindness led, on viewing severed heads.
This, on Television was said.
Brainwashed by poison, at home, she was fed.

A naive child, embarking on an evil course,
Then marrying into a despotic force.
The milk of human kindness, is entombed.
God’s teaching of forgiveness unused,
The parable of The Prodigal Son soon forgot
So compassion now, means not a lot.
Stripped of nationality, her babies dead;
Her future, in foreign hands now, rests instead.