Dave the Dalmatian
March 19, 2019
I Got you Honey
March 19, 2019

The lonely Pixie

Pansy the pixie sat alone in her home.

As Pip her friend, wanted to be with a pretty gnome.

He wrote a line on a card, saying why he had left,

She was shocked and upset, she went to bed and wept.

Pansy felt sad, lost, ugly and ill

Where and when had Pip met his new friend

Knowing, would help her feelings to mend,

It seems he never wanted to play with her again.

Suddenly the good witch, was knocking at her door

She had heard of Pansy’s plight, from the neighbour next door,

Pansy flung open the door and fell into her arms,

“Look I have found The Prince who loves you far more than Pip.”

The pixie prince smiled kindly down

This prince, not like Pip, wore a crown not a frown.

“I thought you may like to leave town

And if we wish, fly and play up into the sky and down”

What times they had; Pansy forgot Pip who had been mean

And The Prince made Pansy his pixie queen.

But Pip grew tired of his pretty gnome

And wanted to return to Pansy, and their tree home.

Their old abode, was now taken by an ancient elf

Who felt sorry for Pip, who was now by himself.

Pansy stayed with her prince happily, for ever and ever

And over the years, had many little pixies, she loved to mother.