The lonely Pixie
March 19, 2019
Doesn’t have to be this way (Original Lyrics)
March 19, 2019

I Got you Honey

Iv’e no money, for you honey ,
Lost my job, but I’ve got you honey.
Can’t. pay the rent, it’s so funny
I don’t care, I’ve got you honey.

Holes in my shoes, holes in my socks
With you at my side we’ll be happy in a box.
No food on the table, no heat in the house
I don’t care , I’ve got you honey mouse.

We may get hungry and cold my sweet;
Just you and me together, we don’t need heat.
We will keep each other warm under a sheet;
And I will kiss, your little blue feet.

We don’t need kids with their diapers and smells
We don’t need family and friends as well
I know you love me I can tell
And I love you, be it in heaven or hell.