Kitty the Kitten
March 19, 2019
The lonely Pixie
March 19, 2019

Dave the Dalmatian

Dave was a puppy, abandoned by his mother;

Who left the park quickly, with his cruel owner and his two brothers.

Having kissed him goodbye, telling him to stay hidden from view

Saving him being sold, to another master, who was cruel too.

The park became dark and Dave began to whimper,

As he was hungry and cold and began to shiver.

“You are too young to be out alone” Said the worried wizard old

“We must shelter you, but you are too big to come in here from the cold.”

I could make a spell, so you would be small,

Living forever in this ancient oak tree, tall”

Dave wagged his tail he understood

Before he could bark with joy, he was tinier than a tiny toy.

Dave loved the wizard and lived with him

And loved the wizard singing to him.

“We must think of a way, all can hear your song,

I will make a radio program twenty four hours long!”

When sweet music was heard, folk began to dance,

Dave was pleased to have been given this chance.

When his gift to the kingdom, was told to the king and queen,

They heaped praise on Dave, who was happier than he had ever been.