After the Attempted Invasion
March 19, 2019
Dave the Dalmatian
March 19, 2019

Kitty the Kitten

Kitty the tabby kitten was not quite a cat

She was soft and lean, on exercise was keen.

One day at breakfast, a gnome could not leave the table,

He just sat there struggling, to stand, was unable,

Kitty now inspected all the other gnomes

She was shocked at the state they had got themselves in

And promised herself their exercises must immediately begin.

She would talk to them first, of the dangers of getting too fat,

Then tell them fitness is fun, anywhere, just need a mat.

She spoke to King Oberon who banned the gnomes using the lift.

The advice Kitty gave them was an important gift.

They must fast walk twenty minutes a day

Find time to run out of their office and play.

Kitty asked King Oberon, if she could build a gym

He agreed, it would be good for everyone, most of all him,

To run a kingdom he had to be fit and slim

No good feeling stodgy and sleepy he had to be full of vim.