February 4, 2013
February 4, 2013

Ray Wyre

Oh Ray, we are so sorry
You slipped away from us in your sleep.
Too soon to leave us, so much still to do.
You leave behind a legacy
Of supreme excellence of practice in your
You were a brave and relentless pioneer,
Understanding the minds and actions of
sexual abusers.
You treated and controlled these men,
Whose crimes were of a heinous nature.
You were a wonderful teacher too;
You spoke at home and abroad with
tremendous authority.
Your knowledge could never be doubted or
You devoted your whole life to the protection
of children.
Never expecting reward or
Your whole focus was protecting the
Material things and your needs were so few.
Just your work and your family were
important to you.
Ray you were inspirational.
Your influence on others’ practice –
It was always so good to be with you.
Those who met you will never forget you.
You, my friend, are a tremendous loss to the
In our eyes, irreplaceable.