Ray Wyre
February 4, 2013
February 4, 2013


Farewell Bob, husband, father grandfather,
We will remember your goodness, your
laughter my friend;
Your patience and kindness, you gave of
Always smiling, always happy, always ready
to joke.
Farewell Bob; with our love and affection we
send you away.
This boat is a symbol of our love for you;
In it your ashes with your Spirit to rise up
and go.
We remember so well stories of yesterday,
The cats’ half eaten rabbit you threw away.
The day you cheerfully repainted the drawing
The weeks of scorching sunshine up a ladder.
You showed us how to resurrect a lantern.
To learn by mistakes with a great deal of
A lifetime of stories, a lifetime of memories, a
lifetime of laughter.
May the goodness you exuded all of your life
remain like an echo;
Helping us now to better ourselves.
Farewell Bob, for your journey and your rest,
is blest.