February 4, 2013
Ray Wyre
February 4, 2013


How delighted, we all are, to be here today.
To witness the marriage of this extraordinary
We have seen Natalie blossom from child to
Now look at her. We are all so proud of her.
She is willowy as a reed; her voice is quiet
and low;
Her countenance gentle and serious;
Then like the sun, from a cloud an amazing
smile and
Her dark eyes flash with merriment.
Natalie, as we know, has a sweet disposition.
Her fragile beauty, belies, her strength of
Her lion heart gives staunch support to her
family and friends.
Her kindness and consideration, I know, has
embraced every one of us.
Natalie, we wish you joy in the years ahead.
May all your dreams and hopes come true.
You helped others, to aspire to theirs.
We will always be there for you, as you, have
been for others.