The Fire of Akrounta
February 4, 2013
February 4, 2013


I am not going there, down to dark
depression’s lair.
I want to feel the summer breeze in my hair,
The wind on my face, the sun on my skin.
I am not slipping down that slippery slope.
As swirls of dark thoughts whirl round in my
Trying to pull me down to despair, to a dark
empty place,
Where visions and feelings of hopelessness
are bred.
I am not going down there, where negativity
and misery are fed
And where happiness and contentment are
I am not going there again, where the world
is tilted, on its edge;
Isolation, is profound and productivity
Self- doubting and self- loathing is the mode
of behaviour.
The depth of darkness is immeasurable and
the pain intolerable.
So, I will lift myself up and wonder who
needs me instead.
And try to ignore the forces of evil, waging
war around in my head.
I will think of wonderful people yet to meet
and beautiful days ahead.
And golden opportunities and great
adventures waiting for me, instead.
I am not going down there again;
But the invitation is so tempting.
A safe cosy place to be, I feel,
But once there, the cell is so steep and dark,
So difficult to lever one self away,
Up and out, into a beautiful world,
So I hope and pray, never to go there again.