The Boy Who Wouldn’t Stop Giving His Food Away
July 23, 2020
The Boy Who Wouldn’t Sit Still.
July 23, 2020

The Boy Who Wouldn’t Stop Loving Crawly Creatures.

At a party on the beach the other night.
The Boy’s father saw a small black crab, in the moonlight.
He knew how delighted his son would be, if he took it home for him to see.

His mother put it carefully inside her bag,
But what to do with it, when home, that was the snag.
Granny had a good idea, a jar with a cap, would be ideal.

Colin the crab slept quietly, all night long,
The family pleased in the morning, with them, he still belonged.

The Boy decided, a ceremony there would be.
They would drive to the beach, to set Colin free.
Speeches were made, a little song was sung,
Then colin was free, to find his own family.