The Boy Who Wouldnt Stop Hiding (Coronavirus)
July 23, 2020
The Boy Who Wouldn’t Stop Loving Crawly Creatures.
July 23, 2020

The Boy Who Wouldn’t Stop Giving His Food Away

The Boy rushed out in the morning
To school on his bike, his bag bulging.
No time for him to eat any breakfast,
He wanted to catch his friends,
Whom he knew we’re involuntarily fasting.

His friends, came from hungry homes,
There was never anything in their larders
Although their parents, couldn’t work any harder.

He gave all he could to his friends,
Sometimes marmalade from the edges oozed.
They didn’t care, everything he gave, they consumed.

The Boy’s mother was concerned,
Questioning her son,who seemed unconcerned,
That his clothes had become a looser fit,
He,so hungry and tired, at the end of the day,
And didn’t want to go out to play.

To the doctors he was marched,
He was famished, and was parched.
There was no worm inside his gut,eating up his lunch.
He must drink plenty, and eat three meals a day,
For work rest and play. (Explained the doctor)

The Boy came clean about his actions,
‘Twas pleasurable, to see how food, gives happy reactions.
His mother saw the headmaster, without more ado,
Suggesting a breakfast Club and free lunches too.

The success rate of exams, went through the roof,
The importance of nutrition, excellence, was the proof.