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April 16, 2019
New Year’s Day
April 17, 2019

Lizzy the Lizard

Lizzy the lizard Lives in a wall, near a wood.
In winter when it’s cold, she hibernates for good;
Waking by Spring sunshine, warming her, as it should.

Today is warm, but Lizzy sleeps on,
No Lizzy has been seen; what had gone wrong?
No one could wake her, even when banging a gong.

When Walter arrived at Lizzie’s door
He found a green cape smothering all,
The thick garment absorbed the heat,
Thus Lizzy was left, in her cool slumber deep.

A goblin for fun, had thrown it there;
To see if Lizzy would sleep all year.
Walter pulled it off, and almost at once
Lizzy awoke, feeling Spring sunshine, at once.

With the help of Stirlock the gnome and his hound;
The guilty goblin they later found,
The only goblin without his cape,
Was laughing at the extended season, he’d faked.

Magda was not amused,
As she cast a spell, on the accused,
That goblin she turned into algae green,
Never again by others seen.