The Brexit Musketeers
April 15, 2019
Lizzy the Lizard
April 17, 2019

Brexititis The Brexit Disease

Attacking the old, young, the sick and strong,
It’s a deep depression, that goes on and on.
Relentlessly it spreads, and savagely attacks;
The cards for national humiliation are stacked.

As junkies, we look to the lates news,
Listen to ministers, contradictory views.
For nearly three years, it’s been this way
Please let sanity have the sway.

For years Europe, has been our trade salvation,
Working closely together for human distinction.
In trade, science, security, and travel,
This Brexit monstrosity must be unraveled.

Let all know, the true deal on the table,
Last time, we were told lies and fables.
This time Brexit, to become a forgotten label,
As Brexit, is not, the will of the people.