New Years Day
April 10, 2019
Brexititis The Brexit Disease
April 16, 2019

The Brexit Musketeers

Four white, mediocre middle-aged men,
With no notable achievements, having been made.
Their names in history will undoubtedly fade
Having brought the country down into the shade.

One a journalist, who got the sack;
Having plagiarised a writers story it’s alleged.
The other promised unlimited worldwide trade,
Returned with contracts not made

Peddling their stories of a utopian world,
Where deals of trade, so easily made.
Old contracts would be maintained.
And no one would lose, everyone would gain.

These lies forever, are a dreadful stain,
As it’s the people who will take the strain
The CBI and TUC, Bank of England and others too,
Warned calamity would follow leaving the EU