Asylum Seekers
April 10, 2019
Warmth of Christmas Magda’s Song
April 10, 2019

Walter the Wizard

Walter the wizard does funny things with his magic,
Once put himself into someone’s pocket
Then sprang out like a rocket!

Another time jumped into the good witches cauldron.

What a shock she got, when half the broth turned into Walter,
Who had forgotten, just how hot bubbling broth got.

Walter lives with Dave the Dalmatian, the radio DJ;
He had saved Dave from neglect and starvation.

Making music for the little people has been Dave’s salvation.

Walter tries out his spells on Dave with illation.

Sometimes Walter leaves the tree for years,
For time in The Elf Tree stretches and contracts with ease.

Returning with ideas, benefitting the community,
Carrying special gifts for everyone, even the bees.