Thrown Away
April 10, 2019
Walter the Wizard
April 10, 2019

Asylum Seekers

Listen to the pounding, of displaced persons feet.
The world trembles to the beat, of invasion they won’t meet.
It’s the destitute and fearful, who flee from their homes,
Bringing with them a spirit of steel, courage untold.
Touching hearts and minds, of those they’ll never see.
Changing Government policies for future refugees.

The intellectual and the labourer stride side by side;
Facing together injustices, that decent man should not abide.
The ugly face of past persecutors, now mirrored in flouted laws,
As Politicians need votes, so it’s the disadvantaged who take the fall.
Leaders and powerful people, who’s fore bares years ago,
Were given hope and sanctuary, yet deny this to others now.

A suckling babe, was stolen, from its mother’s breast,
Was for the country, the authorities said, for the best!
Another, long term marriage, proclaimed a sham
Regardless of children and businesses they had found.
This family, it was then established, innocent as lambs.

For those who seek asylum, on many sunny shores,
Your Human Rights and European laws,
The Immigration Departments, choose to ignore.