The witch sisters
April 10, 2019
The Tooth Fairy
April 10, 2019

The King’s Birthday tales

The cockerel at daybreak, heralded King Oberon’s day.
Mother nature’s pallet, created beauty that day.
Spectacular colours in the sky, were on display.

Preparations commenced, many weeks ago,
The bees gave wax, for the ballroom floor.
Also honey they gifted, for cakes made to store.

The elves dusted shelves, and the chandeliers,
The cats polished the silver doors, with their fluffy paws.
All practiced their music, to please their king,
Gifts of happiness, to him they to wanted to bring.

The gnomes in the kitchens had been cooking for days and nights;
Making sweetmeats and jams by candle light.
Butterflies together, made glorious patterns on the walls,
Curtains like no others, had ever been seen before.

Flowers in the gardens, gave their perfume to the air
Drifting into the royal rooms, magnificently fair.

Celebrations would extend, far into the night.
And he would dance with his fairy queen, by the moon’s white light.

The King’s golden coach, transported them through cheering people.
While bells rang triumphantly, from the cathedral steeple.

Pip the Pixie. Tales from the Elf Tree Kensington Gardens

Pip’s best friend was Pansy the pixie
They lived in the oak tree in Kensington Gardens.
One day Pip saw pretty Gabby the goblin not a gnome
Who told him of the theft of gnome gold.

Pip was not happy at what he had heard
And wanted to help the gnomes get hold of their gold,
To catch the Goblins and drive them away, the thought
Made him feel incredibly bold.

That night, Pip stole out. and crept to the goblins’ den
There they were, more than ten,
Counting their loot in the light of their fire,
Pip persuaded them to leave the gold, and retire.

“There is so much gold, outside this realm.
Why stay here, when gold is elsewhere,
Here are sieves, you can pan, yourselves.”
Persuaded Pip, pandering to their greed.

The little folk in the tree, were at last goblin free;
And a stone was laid to honour Pip the Pixie,
Who was now famous throughout the realm,
For getting rid of the goblins, and returning the gold.