Ellie the Elf
April 10, 2019
The King’s Birthday tales
April 10, 2019

The witch sisters

Once, once upon a time, a thunderbolt and crack of lightening lit the sky.
Forces of good and evil swirled around the Tree
And two forms, magically, you could see.

Twists of silver, and blue, mists merging,
With grey black smoke coils, dancing,
Gliding down to earth, from a hight so high
Turning into witches one pure, the other vile.

Magda, the good witch, has hundreds of friends
Walter the wizard, and Faith the fairy,
So many others, to name here just two,
Badwitch has only a nasty few.

She likes the wasps, with their sting,
Rats that steal food from the gnomes kitchens,
The goblins who do everything, to make others sad
Badwitch, is nasty and so very very bad.

With each awful deed, Badwitch performed,
Her face and form grew uglier, than before
With each kind deed Magda did
She became more beautiful, good deeds she hid.

Serene and beautiful Magda is
Kind and thoughtful to all she sees.
Her sister, the reverse is on show,
Stooping to be unkind, so very low.

One day at their door
Was a black cat with a sore paw.
Kind Magda let the poor thing in,
Badwitch chased it out again.

“You threw the black cat out
Now you too must from my house get out.”
Said a very angry Magda, full of ire.
“I will find the little cat, she can sleep by my fire.”

Magda looked for the cat high and low,
At last was alerted, by a laud meow,
Looking down she saw with horror
The cat stuck in a hole, made by mole.

Badwitch was laughing at the cat’s sorry plight.
Magda was angry and with words wanted to fight.
Instead, with a magic spell she freed the cat,
Who decided to stay a while, with her good friend the bat.

“You have broken a rule of the kingdom and you must away,
Here in this Magic Kingdom you cannot now stay.”
Said Magda.
So bad tempered Badwitch, departed, that very same day.
Sadly to return, the following May.