The Tooth Fairy
April 10, 2019
Red the squirrel
April 10, 2019

Sports Day

It’s summer sports day in the Magic Kingdom,

See silver cups gleaming on display, in the marquee;
Waiting to be won by anyone;
Pip the pixie won last year’s race
His name is engraved on one of the cup’s face.

But who is guarding protecting the cups?
His long body is draped in a cape,
His hands and face can be seen, they’re green
A stranger, not gnome or pixie strange indeed.

Then all but one, left for lunch,
He opened the sack, that was at his side
Scooping up the cups piling them inside;
Then ran from the tent, to find where to stack the sack.

When the elves pixies and gnomes returned
To their dismay, the cups they saw had disappeared.
Had the stranger in the cape spirited them away,
Had they gone, never to be seen forever and a day?

In there midst was Stirlock the gnome
Who promised with Whatson his bloodhound,
That they would not rest, until the silver trophies were found;
And the thief taken to the police, gagged and bound.

When Stirlock wrote down, the description of the stranger,
He realised it was a goblin in disguise, that he was the danger,
Forbidden to enter The Magic Kingdom,
Goblins galore were set on the day to destroy.

But where had they hidden the silver trophies?
Whatson the hound started sniffing around,
He was on the trail that led him out of the tent
To a pile of black sacks full of trash.

With his teeth he grabbed one in the middle
Pulled it clear and on opening, there they all were.
The pixies quickly returned the trophies to the shelves,
Just in time before they were presented to the elves.

King Oberon said, the thief must be found
And brought to justice gagged and bound.
Stirlock ; ran to the kitchen there the goblins were found,
Steeling the cakes buns and biscuits, their brazenness did astound.

Goblins galore were all rounded up,
put in gaol for a lengthy time,
They were banished again, from the realm,
and had to pay a hefty fine.