Sports Day
April 10, 2019
Baby Elf
April 10, 2019

Red the squirrel

“What a wonderful day it is today”
Thought Red the squirrel, hiding his last nut away.
“So beautiful, scarlet and golden the leaves as they fall;
Presents as though from heaven for us all.”
But Red was the last, all his friends had fled,
As the grey squirrels, from America, had pushed them all out of bed.

Some reds ran to Scotland, for spruce trees they love
It’s said some swam to Ireland, thinking distance was best;
But nobody has actually put that to the test.

Tawny owl his friend, looked down from his tree,
Exclaiming,”you have done well, in fact excellently.
Tonight all will change, no more nuts for you to gather
Go home now to your drey, tomorrow, is another day.”

Softly and silently snow fell all night,
Covering everything, in sight.
When Red awoke,
He rubbed his eyes in surprise
In wonder, at the sight that met his eyes.

Red found the place, he had buried his treasure,
But prints in the snow, filled him with horror,
The grey squirrels had struck and taken his nuts.

Alone and hungry he looked at the tree.
Wishing he could live there with the birds and the bees.
Red asked the owl, if he could live with him there,
Owl agreed, with this idea, but had to ask the Queen.
Now he brushes, the queen’s hair every night
And fans her with his tail, to her delight.

Arty The Artist Tales from The Elf Tree Kensington Gardens

Arty the artist was a lonesome elf,
He would creep away with his easel by himself.
Observe, sketch and paint for hours, and hours
Sometimes he would forget to eat and even shower,

He loved reading Elsa the elf’s poetry and prose,
Would read them in the morning, as soon as he arose.
They were beautiful, describing nature’ glory;
Arty dreamed of impressing Elsa with a painting of her story.

He thought, painting a rainbow would be fun
Seeing raindrops through shafts of sun,
Delicate shades to partner Elsa’s poetry.
A marriage of beauty together, displayed in the Elf Tree theatre

He made many sketches all, almost the same,
Then moved them quickly, they moved in rhyme
Stories they told, oh so fine;
King Oberon built a second theatre, in no time,