The Drought
April 10, 2019
The witch sisters
April 10, 2019

Ellie the Elf

Ellie the Elf lived by herself, because she was shy,
When spoken to, the blush on her face, looked like red dye.
Ellie hid herself away, from all whom she knew
As she would jump, if anyone ever said boo!

Ellie dressed in yellow and blue
Yellow for sunshine and blue for the sea.
Playing her music on her panpipes, secretly.
We can see her motionless when we visit the tree.

One spring day, playing her pipes hidden away
A bad rat caused her to stop, in dismay.
Rats in The Magic Kingdom were forbidden,
As they stole food, from the gnomes’ kitchen.

She stayed still where she was, until the rat scurried away;
Ellie knew, if there was one rat, there had to be many.
Being shy, who could she speak to without wanting to cry?
The Good Witch she would tell, without blushing she would try.

Ellie found the Good Witch drying her herbs;
“The rats have returned what can be done?”
Ellie exclaimed, ” with them here there’ll be no more fun.”
“I have an idea that will send them away for ever and a day”
(Murmured the Good Witch.)

“We must call all the cats together and go to the spot where you were playing”.
They gathered together the witches black cats;
With Kitty the kitten, nearly a cat, their powerful odour
Scared off the rats, they all scurried away and were gone hopefully for ever and a day

The Good Witch gave Ellie a big thank you hug,
Ellie smiled warmly returning the hug.
And from that day to this, Ellie was no longer shy
Chatting now to everyone, as she passes them by.