The Fire
March 19, 2019
After the Attempted Invasion
March 19, 2019

The Ancient Oak Tree

The owl hoots, as darkness falls

First dark shadows striking trees tall.

The pale moon looks kindly down

On Kensington Gardens of London Town.

Silence, as people have long left the park, now dark.

A rustling sound can be heard, is it a bird?

The ancient oak elf tree is coming alive.

A yawn from a pixie, buzzing of bees from a hive

The owl’s awake call for tonight, the last time.

Soft light from glow worms, show the little people the way,

Some to watch the good witch stir her pot

On chains, over flames that sway,

Gnomes clean their homes and bake bread loaves

Then serve breakfast to the pixies fairies elves and gnomes

The Goblins were gathering, to make trouble on the double.

The fairies were alerted and debated the problem in a huddle.

Their wands are magic, and would keep the goblins in line

For order and harmony in the kingdom, is essential for all time.

Gordon the Goblin wants to be king,

Has a devious plan to rid the tree of people.

Sends a signal to the wasps, nesting in their steeple,

To dive into the tree stinging, just the little people.

The ladybird heard of this beastly ploy

She is sweet and rather coy,

Her amazing idea could save these folk,

Anything has to be better than living under the Goblins yolk.

Ladybird whispers to her cousin Samuel Spider,

Who sends a signal to his friends and brothers;

They go to work with extraordinary speed

And weave a web so strong, that should protect the tree.

The little people are still afraid, as they await their fate;

Peering through their mesh of silk, were the preparations adequate?

Expecting the wasps to arrive at one, hoping they would not come.

The spiders are at their stations waiting for the imminent ambush.

It comes suddenly and swiftly; a buzzing cloud in the moon’s light;

But the wasps catch their wings and are trapped, unable to fight.

They fought to get through the web, with all their might,

Exhausted they retreated, nursing their spider bites.

The news of the battle reaches the king and queen of the fairies.

Who flew back to their realm, giving thanks, awards and honours.

You can see why the ladybirds black and red colours shine,

Ladybird remembers, how her plan worked out, just fine.