The Boy Who Wouldn’t Stop Wanting To Be A Pirate
March 18, 2019
The Fire Of London.1666.
March 19, 2019

The Boy Who Wouldn’t Tidy His Things Up

The Boy’s bedroom is always untidy;

Strewn with everything from Friday to Friday.

His mother wishes, so very much

He’d tidy up, using cupboards and draws.

But to her dismay, her pleas he ignores,

Refusing to put his things in store.

When asked by his mother, to tidy his room

So she could clean with her broom;

He seemed not to hear her firm request,

And couldn’t see the room he had messed.

One day , unable to find his favourite toy,

His aeroplane, that gave him so much joy;

Had gone, never to be found,

But, was it under the washing mound?

He looked all day, and into the night;

Beneath books, and papers, cars,and trucks;

It was gone, lost forever in the muddle.

His mother promised in her comforting cuddle;

If tidy, his things would always be at the ready,

Then in a voice true and steady,(he said)

“From now on my room will always be tidy.”

From that day on; all the clutter was gone;

And happy smiles, from the family faces shone.