The Boy Who Wouldn’t Stop Whinging
March 18, 2019
The Boy Who Wouldn’t Tidy His Things Up
March 18, 2019

The Boy Who Wouldn’t Stop Wanting To Be A Pirate

His ship’s sails were in full bloom,

The decks had been swept with a new broom.

Scull and cross bones flag, was flying high,

He was now ready to board and say goodbye.

His crew lined up, for him on the deck,

Ready to weigh anchor, all had been checked.

The Boy was excited to be sailing away

His father, wanted to leave with him that day.

His dad needed to go, as he would miss his lad so.

His mother too, felt incredibly low.

She also, didn’t want her son to go.

His brother and sister, also sadness did show.

The Boy didn’t know what to do,

So decided that day, to stay.

He could always leave, another day.