The Boy Who Wouldn’t Stop Singing
March 18, 2019
The Boy Who Wouldn’t Have His Nails Cut
March 18, 2019

The Boy Who Wouldn’t Stop Losing Things

The pirate ship looked so forlorn

Without its flags, flying tall.

The Boy had searched in vain.

He cried at his loss, to his shame.

His mother, could feel her son’s mounting grief

Another flag missing, was beyond belief.

So instead, looked for his British Airways plane,

That too wasn’t there, where it had lain.

Tears of frustration fell from his face,

He felt his family should be on his case

And help him find, his missing things.

His mother said, he needed sleep,

Looking for things now, could keep.

His mother was right, he slept all night long.

Next day all found, where they belonged.