The Boy Who Wouldn’t Stop Flying His Drone
March 18, 2019
The Boy Who Wouldn’t Stop Skiing.
March 18, 2019

The Boy Who Wouldn’t Stop Hiding

The Boy loved hiding from his mother,

Today, going to the dentist they had to hurry.

His mother was in a terrible flurry

As her boy was nowhere to be seen.

She looked and called, but to no avail,

It seemed her son,had simply, disappeared.

Wondering, if he was in the cellar dark

With a candle, she embarked.

But on opening the door, she got a fright,

‘Boo,’ screamed The Boy, with all his might.

She dropped her candle, which paper lit,

In no time the whole house, in flams was hit.

They managed to escape, the ferocious flames,

The appointment to the dentist, changed.

The Boy Who Wouldn’t Stop Playing With A Tennis Ball

From dawn to dusk he slapped the ball

Onto walls, windows, doors and floors.

Nothing escaped the thud of the ball

As it bounced up and down, from his palm, to the ground.

Prints from the ball, were all around.

Marks in every room were found.

His parents were most upset,

And realised a racquet they must get.

A tennis racquet was soon acquired,

He played on a court, with a coach, they hired.

The Boy became so good at the game.

Everyone in the world, new his name.