The Boy Who Wouldn’t Walk Properly
March 18, 2019
The Boy Who Wouldn’t Stop Hiding
March 18, 2019

The Boy Who Wouldn’t Stop Flying His Drone

With friends or alone, he flies his drone,

High up across the sky, it goes.

Over rooftops, trees, churches and schools,

Up and down with speeds so fast.

But sadly the batteries didn’t last.

It fell like led onto the ground.

A rusty recharger he found.

But something wasn’t quite right, that day.

The drone, The Boy could no longer hold

The toy had now, a mind of its own!

Up it flew, towards the washing line,

The laundry was drying out, just fine.

The drone tossed the clothes, high into the air.

Surprising everyone, who could only stare.

Later, the laundry, in the local park was found;

Draped over benches, bushes, trees and flowers,

And Granny’s knickers fluttered, from the church tower.

The drone sped on, into the Court House it flew

Surprising quite a few,

Lifting the wig from the judge’s head

Revealing baldness not hair, instead.

The judge picked up a handy book

And threw it at the drone, which shook.

The drone at last, lost all its power;

Now rests forever, in a bed of flowers.