July 2, 2015
July 19, 2015

The Island

I have floated off, away from this deserted desert island of stagnation;
Where hollow hopes and distorted dreams were false illusions;
Away, from uncertainty, and doubts that blighted myself,
Reflecting a forsaken image in the mirror of unworthiness, ugliness.
So many waiting twisted hours, days and months, time wasted;
Because, the simple truth was not mentioned or emotions allowed expression.
Now, finding a kind place of stability, harmony a normality;
Space, where fresh fertile ideas are not endangered as they are created;
But gently, kindly, encouragingly, may full fill their potential
How soft and green is this grass, birds, how sweetly they sing
In unison, with your words of pure love and devotion to me.
We are as one, as sad memories into the past we fling.
Our island of faith for the future, so removed from the past, with its sting,