Spirit of The Night
May 26, 2015
The Island
July 4, 2015


This sharp savage pain in my heart
So strong, could suck the very sea from the shore
Leaving the earth desolate and poor,
Nothing growing there anymore.
The house, now tilted on its side,
The floors sloping, my feet together seem tied.
Nothing is the same, since the hour you died.
I could not believe, so to myself I lied.
Yet in this sea of agony, true words with no fear
Fall from lips of those near and dear,
A gentle balm, soothing, loving,
My pain eases, I am with you, living.
Those amazing days in sunshine draped
Seemed to me, my future destiny shaped,
How wrong I was, the truth was not said
Hopes and illusions dwelling now, with the dead.