Sex Abbuse
March 19, 2015
The Trip
March 19, 2015

The Great Easter Egg Hunt

Honey Bunny and Benjie Bunny
Dressed in their best
Heard the summoning bell
Hopped out of their hole, joined by mole,
To the starting post they bounded
Their speed to all astounded.
The first clue was on a poster, held by Badger Brown,
It said, the first egg to be found, is near my home, under a stone.
Where do badgers live? Of course on the bank of a river.
Honey Bunny is afraid of water, she began to shiver.
Hopping fast to the river bank, Benjie with his little white paw
Found the chocolate egg, under the stone
He reached for his mobile to tell Honey, by phone.
The next clue was stuck on the trunk of a tree,
It said, go to the house of the bee.
Benjie was afraid of getting stung
And thought the note must be wrong.
Horace hare must have changed the clue
The contestant did not know what to do.
Honey called Benjie, wanting to show him something new,
She saw the most magnificent sunflower behind a wall that grew and grew.
The flower seemed to grow bigger, as they stared.
‘Let’s go inside,’ said Benjie ‘ we’re not scared’
The bunnies stepped through the centre door
And wondered what next, was in store.
They were at the top of a sliding shoot, down they slid;
The friends enjoyed their trip, they really did.
A plump green cushion ended their fall.
The king of the fairies stood before them, so tall.
‘Welcome to our Kingdom’, king Oberon said.
‘We will help you love, what you dread.’
We can help you Benjie overcome your fear of bees.
Queen Titania in her gentle voice promised
The bunnies were astonished.
‘Honey first we will teach you how to swim
We love the water so will you, and him.’
Queen Titania nodded to Benjie
‘Here are your water wings, just watch me.’
There before them was a beautiful pool
Not cold or hot, but silkily cool.
The queen was encouraging Benjie to follow,
Honey watched, in absolute horror.
Benjie loved the water, he laughed and splashed around.
There on the ground more water wings Honey found.
She put them on and with care, slowly her paws then legs she wet.
Suddenly taking a big breath, in she went!
Her fear had gone, aglow with happiness, her face shone.
‘Now we will face the bees in their hive,
We can watch them in their honeycomb home.
First we must cover ourselves from top to toe,
Closer and closer to the hive we will go.’
And so they did, lifting the side
Seeing the insects swarming inside.
So interested were the bunnies, they forgot to be afraid.
Forgetting too how long they had stayed.
‘We must go, too long we have been away’
Exclaimed the bunnies in dismay.
‘Thank you for a wonderful day
We’re sorry we have now, to go away.
‘Blink your eyes and you will see, you have been away under an hour’
And so they did, and there before them was the sunflower.
There too were the police arresting Hare, he didn’t care.
He had followed Badger Brown unseen, stealing the eggs earlier in the day.
The police were going to make him pay.
Now Horace Hare was clutching his tummy
In pain, too much chocolate was in his tummy.
How he wished he had not been so greedy,
And was glad the police let him off, with a warning.