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February 24, 2015
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March 19, 2015

Sex Abbuse

Shame on you and your mind set, Philip Hammond.
Looking at your web, sex offender clinics you’r not fond.
Despite positive endorsements from practitioners and judges
You blatantly disregarded and ignored their findings,
That treatment in Paedophile residential clinics, cuts down custodial sentences;
And prevents more sex abuse,; those are the positive consequences.
Affording a child protection centre, in a particular location,
Allows offenders to be known to the authorities, and jurisdiction.
So pose no danger to the nearby population.
Your destructive action, is to sex offenders satisfaction.
You prevented the formation of this residential clinic,
Where criminals from prison would have been treated;
And those feeling the urge to offend, prevented instead.
It seems you pandered to your constituents unfounded fears.
When we met, you didn’t suggest a possible alternative place.
These cases seem to be multiplying a pace
High time to rectify this disgrace.
We learned from Birmingham residential clinic, now no more,
How they target and groom their victims, knowledge for us to store;
One admitted having treatment was worse, than any punishment under the law.
Your proudest achievement on your web, you proclaim;
Preventing more children being protected, as research and intelligence could not be gathered.
I can’t believe this was your aim, I hope you are now ashamed.
The building was high up from the road, easily contained.
And not particularly close to a school, as you maintain.
Elizabeth Haslam Lady
Former Trustee of the Lucy Faithful Foundation
And a child sex abuse victim.