February 6, 2013
Waiting for you
February 6, 2013

Turning Away

I tend to turn away from ugly scenes;
When perhaps I should have stayed, changed
If I ignore, what is blatantly wrong, my
conscience stings.
I tend to turn away from tedious people;
Not wanting to listen to problems feeble.
I hope I don’t turn away from the screaming
When I might have saved its life.
Facing a grave omission, I would fall on my
And plead in my heart for God’s pardon.
If I turn away from wrong doings believing I can
do nothing;
I must pause for thought, for I should know, I can
always do something.
We should not turn away from problems, which
should be shared together;
Facing together, we can always do something, to
make our world better- kinder.