The Gift
February 6, 2013
The Illusion
February 6, 2013

The Human Condition

Here in Cyprus it’s a blissful beautiful God given
Incredible, that just a short distance away,
Across the azure Mediterranean Sea;
Wars wage now, and historically.
Why do we allow fear and or greed,
To determine our actions? It does appear our
And Governments sometimes too quickly lead,
Our youth to foreign soil, their war machine to
But, when Western need for oil is irrelevant;
And we have no fear of extermination or
Our consciences are conveniently left behind, in
Ignoring atrocities of blatant maiming and
We put tyrants in place, with no hope or help
For their victims; who, from their homes are
despairingly driven.
We seem complacent, uncaring for those
desperate to live.
So many have died, that should have survived.
Is gentle compassion in us dead and cold?
Ignoring makes us weak, when we should be
When we all to each other, could be loving and
Safe, like now in Cyprus; could and should, be
the norm.