February 4, 2013
A Tribute
February 5, 2013

Humble Verse

The power of humble verse is considerable,
To say in a line the most beautiful, or the most
To paint a portrait of honesty, of feelings and
Through a few words in verse, both humbling and
Humbling, when we read the great works of
Still king of English literature;
Making other writers seem cheap and tawdry.
His enlightened immortal messages echo down
through the centuries.
Sometimes, when casting my eye on my own
I can hardly believe that it was me, who wrote
with such alacrity and sensitivity.
At other times, I am filled with secret misgivings,
Are the verses too thin, the substance too trivial?
The reader knows, whether the verses are
powerful or poor.
He takes the poet by the hand, and experiences
what the writer had in mind.
The journey should be clear, and entertaining at
the very least,
Interesting informative, and may be provocative
The good poet is honest, and tells it, as he sees it,
as it is.