Humble Verse
February 5, 2013
Baby P
February 5, 2013

A Tribute

I see her at a distance walking swiftly to greet
She is, from her voice, just as I had imagined her.
Chic, well groomed, a professional to her
Her handshake friendly and firm but apologetic.
She now tries to justify the unjustifiable;
The bellicose behaviour of her incompetent boss.
She is the bright light in her grey office,
Where she sits at her desk to serve her master.
Speaking in tones of understanding and kindness.
She is calm and serious, intelligent and
With a light touch of humour. How does she
tolerate him?
Her superior who repeatedly gives ill considered
She is cleverer than he is, but does not display it.
She enhances his elevated position continually.
I believe he rarely thanks her for her profound
She, who loyally underpins his authority.
He will be promoted again soon, that’s par for
the course;
Not due to his competence, but solely to hers.’
( to Secretaries and Personal Assistants (inspired by a visit
to the British Commission and Council) October 2008)