Peter the Padre
February 4, 2013
See Me
February 4, 2013

The Sentence

The Judge on the bench looks solemnly down,
The weight of poor law upon him.
He looks down on the worried young soldier
before him,
Both knowing the outcome in law to be bleak.
Must the future for this young soldier be
Both promotion and pension at stake.
He did consume one dram too many, ignorant
the limit had changed,
All ignorant too, the device may be faulty,
unable to adapt to the change.
The sage judge repeatedly warns the young
A debate on this issue may be soon,
But the stoic soldier says,”Sorry,
I made a mistake, carry on the device can’t
be wrong; I will accept any sentence to
Had true justice been served to the young
soldier that day?
As speculation and sadness abounded,
This youth faces death every day when on
Were his and the Nation’s best interests