February 4, 2013
The Sentence
February 4, 2013

Peter the Padre

With humility, Peter the Padre wears the
cloth of God;
Giving compassion and strength to the lonely
worried soldier’s wife.
He helps to decompress the soldiers leaving
the theatre of war;
Who are hyped up, unnerved, by what they
have done,
Unfit to mix with anyone.
Why have the powers that be, put into place,
Plans to remove the Padre from our Cyprus
Sovereign Base;
Take him away from those who love and rely
on him.
For he is a beacon of spiritual love and
should remain.
He is a rock for shelter, a sure reminder of
God’s love for us.
A father figure for the young soldier risking
his life for us.
Hopefully the powers that be, will reconsider,
and let him stay with us.