Disturbing Person
February 4, 2013
The Visit
February 4, 2013

The Dentist

Beaming, she stood at her surgery door,
looking over us all,
Rather like a mother hen over her chicks.
And the dark dismal atmosphere lifted away
And we waited, wondering who would be
Sofia is short, sharp, smart in her whites.
She is skilful, a Cypriot, a lifetime in
Holding me firmly it seems in a headlock,
Wedging phone between her neck and her
Making appointments, giving advice, to walk
in visitors.
All the time drilling or scaling my teeth,
Interrupting her dialogue with, “ Bravo
When she looks into my mouth, she looks into
my life.
“You don’t smoke, you do drink a lot of
You should consider a good tongue clean.
Of course you must in six months be seen
And do take this fresh camomile for your
It is with pleasure I look forward to seeing
For she will keep my smile attractive.
She also lifts my spirits up high,
Re- affirming it’s good to be alive.