Kingston Hospital
February 4, 2013
The Engagement
February 4, 2013

Policy Makers

So many unnecessary, bad decisions, it
seems, by badly briefed politicians.
Who are these people who advise? What real
experience have they had in their lives?
The evidence is there for all to see.
All they need to do is research read.
Experience what it’s like to need, talk to
those in the field.
Be accountable for poor decisions, due to
wrong advice given.
Difficult to understand when bad advice, is
They must question their motives behind
information imparted
And be not afraid to use sound common
The soldier in the battle field depends on
their input.
Neglect to advise leaders, may well cost his
Difficult to understand, why advisors, are not
The Prison population, is bulging at the
The rate of immigration cannot be contained.
Single parents and venereal disease are on
the increase too.
And the rift between rich and poor, gets
wider ever more.
Re-offending, mental instability, HIV, debt
and crime, has never been so high.
Difficult to understand why advisors’ jobs
are not on the line.
There are NGOs that in most part
Governments ignore;
Their track record of excellence, is known to
many more.
They rarely are acknowledged by
Government financial aid.
They treat, control and rehabilitate the
socially excluded;
Like the paedophile in prison, the youth in his
Difficult to understand, why these
organisations are not rewarded.
Skilled practitioners fund raise to keep
treatments going,
Their expertise is put on hold, far fewer can
be treated
And in the long run Great Britain again
looses out;
Difficult to understand the reason advisors
cannot get it right.
With all the information from Government
Select Committees,
And all the evidence from research
And all the consultation papers, spread
across the country
To fill in little boxes, for papers green and
Difficult to understand why they still cannot
get it right.