The Love of Myself: or Myself So Amazing
February 4, 2013
Policy Makers
February 4, 2013

Kingston Hospital

There she lay, her hopes and spirits high,
Trusting the surgeon’s skill to save her.
Due to nursing neglect her health had
And the staff seemed to us, disinterested.
There she lay, dry dirty mouth, dehydrated.
No jug of water on her bedside table.
Scant nourishment taken again that day.
At mealtimes they whisk her away;
Important tests, she must have, they say,
So she was left, slowly fading away.
The first hip operation was a great success.,
‘Healing well,’ the surgeon said.
Poor nursing skills prematurely killed our
The nurse was with her when she fell and
broke her other.
Catching the hospital virus, too, did not help
All she needed was skilled nursing care.
Seems common sense and compassion,
Are now, all too rare.