January 20, 2013
The Silent Voice
January 20, 2013

You are gone

You are gone I am in you
I have gone too.
I should have stayed, to be sure
With gentleness they washed
And dressed you in your shroud.
The room is strangely tilted
The pain in my heart, unceasing.
I can’t remember, who said they’d call.
Leave me, let me into darkness fall.
I yearn to live in yesterday’s world
Pretending nothing has changed.
Today is the same as yesterday.
How comforting to think this way;
But I have to face reality.
If only they would place you on a pyre
And fling me on the burning fire.
If I can’t go with you, then you must come with me.
We will watch the children grow, have fun, you’ll see.
Wherever I go, whatever I do, you will be my companion. Unseen.