Christmas Wish
January 20, 2013
Dear Friend
January 20, 2013

Cyprus’s Spirit

She stalks the land Aphrodite so pure;
Goddess of love, beauty and sexual rapture.
This outstanding beauty, was born out of savagery
Which Coronus caused by castrating Uranus, father of the Gods.
He flung the genitals into the sea which bubbled, boiled and frothed.
Aphrodite arose from this foam, was carried by the sea to our blessed isle.
The sea breeze which brought her today we feel
Limitless her spirit of love in Cyprus, for all to steal.
We sense her, as we see her spring, her bath and where she strode.
Her lovers, Gods and mortals rapturous passion she showed.
Would I could be as Aphrodite, beautiful, desirable and immortal.