Change (lyric of song “It doesn’t have to be this way”)
January 20, 2013
Christmas Wish
January 20, 2013


His form is slouched, like a ball of paper at the table in the café.
Ordering and offering drinks, dismissing protestations from those who wish to pay.
The warmth of his hospitality is spontaneous, gracious to see for those who stay.
And for those who care, listen for his whistle, to serve him through the day.
His endearing zany funny disposition, masks profound intelligence.
Noting everything, his blue eyes alert with restless intensity,
Belying his relaxed lazy state of geniality.
Christian’s constant attention to detail is formidable
And his appreciation of others and kindness of character, is admirable.
Consideration and pride of his friends and love for his family is profound and unshakable.
When disconcerted , thunderous clouds can manifest,
Gone the songs manifesting from his chest,
His outstanding voice stilled for just a moment at best.
The problem solved, suddenly  the sun comes out to play again.
Forgotten the reason for his recent upset and distain.
Together with his dog, his best friend Priscilla,
With his tattoo on his ankle, displaying his Grecian football elegances;
Whether on foot or stead, or beloved bike, he readily leaps life’s challenging fences.
Christian’s ready smile and youthful outrageous exuberance,
Together with his ardent zest for life is inexhaustible;
Radiating good humour and love of humanity; his friendship, irresistible.