Wrong People
December 10, 2012
My Tranquil Home
December 15, 2012

The Demons

We are the evil demons of the world,
Death and disaster at the world we hurl.
Dispatched by the devil, to maim and kill;
Billions of dollars to mankind we bill.
Some people become diplomatic peacemakers,
Others join us and become opportunist takers.
The human race is growing at an alarming pace,
It will be great, culling this number increase.
It’s so easy, we’ll start when everyone sleeps;
They all follow one another like sheep.
It takes just one to start a fight,
Then the fuse of war others light.
Suspicion and hatred come to the fore,
Those feelings were never there before.
We’ll make sure they all have bombs and guns,
So mankind will kill others daughters and sons.
We play humans like a puppet jester,
So forever anger and hate for decades fester.
We wonder, when people will learn, they are pawns in our game,
If they knew, would they behave in the self same way?